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File Previewer not working

Supported OS: Windows 7, 10, 11 (results vary)


Are you experiencing issues with the Windows Explorer previewer not working? This can prevent you from previewing files, such as images and documents, within Windows Explorer. The cause of this problem can vary, from faulty file associations to corrupt system files. Our guide provides troubleshooting steps and solutions to fix the Windows Explorer previewer, including resetting file associations, repairing system files, and disabling third-party previewer software. Follow our expert advice to quickly resolve this problem and restore the previewer functionality in Windows Explorer

Repairing the File Previewer

To repair the Windows Explorer file explorer, you can try the following steps found below. Please note that some solutions may vary depending on the version of Windows you are operating.

Clear the file previewer cache

Clearing the cache can help resolve issues with the file previewer. To do this, open the Task Manager, go to the Details tab, and end the process for "thumbcache.dll."

Re-register the file previewer

Caution: This is an advanced method, please exercise caution or contact your IT department.

You can re-register the file previewer by opening the Command Prompt as an administrator and then typing "regsvr32 /i shimgvw.dll" and pressing Enter.

Update Windows

Update your windows to the latest version, it can help to fix the bug that caused the issue with the previewer.

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